What are Canadian’s doing about Mortgage Debt

In December, Mortgage Professionals Canada released its annual state of the housing market report and found that, on 2015, 36% of homeowners took actions to reduce their mortgage debt. While many homeowners think in terms of lump-sum payments, which are...

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Let’s talk about Vancouver…

If you're in real estate or mortgages you have to be watching what is happening in #YVR with housing prices sky rocketing out of control. My hats off to the Realtor's that can handle that high end client because when...

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Mortgage Defaults on the Increase in Alberta

Recently declining oil prices have made a significant dent in the Alberta economy. Calgary’s housing market is starting to show the most signs of damage as the rumor and probably reality of defaulting mortgages starts to show up again. Alberta...

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Downpayment Requirement for Homes

February 15th approaching very quickly as the down payment requirement for homes between 499,000 and 999,999 dollars will require a bigger down payment. This change is said to only affect a few parts of the country that the government will...

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Divorce & Mortgage – What Can Happen With the Mortgage after Divorce

When tough times put stress on families sometimes the end result is divorce. While no one ever wants to see this happen sometimes it is inevitable. Lately CMHC changed the rules about how much a house can be refinanced for,...

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