Household Insurance

Household Insurance

Brokers for Life Inc. is committed to protecting your personal information. For this reason, we require your consent prior to disclosing any personal information that we collect from you to any third party.

iQ Insurance Services Inc. (“iQ”) is an insurance brokerage licensed with the Insurance Council of British Columbia to broker insurance. iQ is a referral partner of Brokers for Life Inc.. iQ has a head office located in Vancouver, B.C., and is subject to the laws of Canada and B.C.. iQ does not operate outside of Canada and stores all of the personal information that it collects in Canada.

As part of the mortgage application process, Brokers for Life Inc. has collected your name, address, telephone number, and email address (referred to hereinafter as your “Contact Information”) pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in the Brokers for Life Inc. PRIVACY STATEMENT, which is found at:

Brokers for Life Inc. wishes to share your Contact Information with iQ for the purpose of allowing iQ to contact you to provide you with information about its insurance products and services, and for no other purpose.

To complete the form please print it and fill in your information and send to us by either email at or by fax at 1 866 327 7771.

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