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Brokers for Life is an Edmonton based mortgage brokerage focused on arranging for you the best possible mortgage for your life’s goals and current situation. Our team of Edmonton Mortgage Brokers is well trained to handle any type of mortgage you require and to get you the best rate for your life style. We really do believe in seeking out Real Life Mortgage Solutions.

We help our clients find the best mortgage rates available and help you shop around to find products that suit your needs. Our team was awarded the 2019 Mortgage Awards of Excellence Regional Brokerage – Alberta because we continually provide excellent service to our customers. All of our mortgage brokers bring a wealth of experience in new home mortgages, mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewals and a variety of custom mortgage solutions. We have agents who specialize in investment properties, private lending and construction mortgages

You will also find that we are licensed in 5 Canadian Provinces for mortgages, this means your mortgage will not be shared with another brokerage as we have no need to go outside the brokerage. This means we can accept mortgage application from BC to Ontario.

Discover how much you can afford by testing out our new mortgage calculators or compare renting to home ownership.

Len Lane - Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Meet Your Brokers For Life

A member of the Dominion Lending Centres Broker Network, Brokers for Life is owned and operated by Len and Margie Lane. We represent to you our valued customers, borrowing opportunities with over a dozen key lenders in the mortgage industry.


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