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Dominion Lending Centres Commercial has established excellent relationships in the lending community with pension funds, banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, trust companies, private institutions and individual investors.

These relationships allow Dominion Lending Centres Commercial to identify the source of funds which will be most likely to meet the needs of its borrower clients.

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Commercial real estate financing transactions are often very complex. At Dominion Lending Centres Commercial, we have extensive experience and we are experts at structuring transactions that work optimally for all parties concerned. Our professionals facilitate a smooth process which begins with initial discussions and ends with a timely and problem free funding.

In order to attract the best financing possible, each situation is presented as effectively and professionally as possible. Dominion Lending Centres Commercial has the resources and the knowledge to prepare and underwrite a broad variety of transactions, including computer modeling, visual aids, written presentations and ancillary information.

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