No Two Mortgage Loans Are the Same

Everyone’s situation is different, and therefore no two mortgages should be the same. In addition to the traditional mortgage products on the market today, Brokers For Life offers a variety of customized mortgage loans that allow for unique financial needs to be met.

With the right support and planning you can get the right mortgage strategy for your needs, and save thousands of dollars compared to getting a “cookie cutter” mortgage from the bank.

Brokers For Life offers Canada-wide broker services, for the following custom mortgage loans:

Personal Loan

Grouplend offers creditworthy Canadian consumers a better way to borrow — one that’s faster, cheaper, and more convenient than getting a loan from a bank or carrying a balance on a credit card…Read more

Self Employed Mortgage

A perfect solution to the self employed home buyer, whom may not be able to prove a high level of established monthly income…Read more

Reverse Mortgage

A great way to access the equity in your home – for homeowners that are 62+ years old and could use some extra money…Read More

Investment Property Mortgage

A special purpose mortgage loan, used to finance real estate investing…Read More

Tax Deductible Mortgage

Known as the “Smith Manoeuvre”, this custom loan can help you get mortgage free sooner, while increasing your tax refund…Read More

Cash Back Mortgage

Get cash back on your mortgage loan, to help pay for furniture, renovations, appliances or more…Read More

Buying A Second Home

In the market for a second home? There is a customized loan for that, and we can help…Read More

Construction Mortgage

For securing construction financing, to help with the various stages of property development…Read More

How A Mortgage Broker Can Help

Brokers For Life has expertise providing brokerage services in AlbertaBCManitobaSaskatchewan and Ontario.

Our team can quickly shop amongst the top banks and lenders in your area – to get them competing for your business, providing you with a great interest rate. We’ll handle the phone calls, the paperwork and take care of the negotiating… all on your behalf.

In fact, many of our clients use our services multiple times – because we take the time to answer all your questions and properly go through your financial situation. Our focus is to get you the right mortgage loan, at a great rate, and make sure your happy with your decision.

Learn more about Brokers For Life. Or, complete our online application to get the approval process started quickly.