How To Use Mortgage Calculators to Determine Your Mortgage Payments

When shopping for a mortgage it is sometimes wise to use a mortgage calculator to start the process of seeing how much mortgage you can afford. The mortgage calculators in Edmonton can also give you some idea of what your monthly payments will look like although they are only estimates as they usually do not calculate in the mortgage insurance fee. Mortgage calculators in Edmonton also do not take into account how much money you spend on other payments such as vehicles and loans nor do they calculate your credit card balances.

Mortgage Calculator – An Invaluable Financing Tool

Mortgage calculators are great tools when deciding whether to rent, buy, re-finance or stay put, a mortgage calculator is an invaluable tool. With it, you can calculate the cost of borrowing money at different interest rates over different periods of time; this knowledge allows you to make wise and strategic decisions when it comes time to choose a mortgage. You can use it to explore all sorts of hypothetical situations.

A great mortgage calculator that is available for free online at When you use this tool you can input all the numbers that you know or predict for your home purchase price and the calculator then gives the monthly payment, total amount of interest over the course of your loan, total time it can take you to pay off your home if you make different types of payments. Most calculators do not take into account the insurance premium charged by CMHC and Genworth. Both companies have mortgage calculators in Edmonton that can make sure you are aware of the premiums that will be included in your mortgage.

The other things that mortgage calculators in Edmonton can do for you are to help you compare the different scenarios in your life. It can help you compare your existing rent to the same amount of money you would be paying for a mortgage. A mortgage calculator can help analysis the difference between bi weekly payments and monthly payments. It can help you decide on how many years of amortization you may want to for your mortgage. Renting versus buying mortgage calculators are also a great way to realize how much money is going to your landlord every month.

Mortgage calculators can also be used by people who are refinancing their homes. This can give you an idea that if you have debt that is need of being taken care of by refinancing your home then this type of calculators can show you what the new total payment might be and help restructure some of your debt.

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