The Year of The Private Lender – Available Mortgage Options

As we head into a new year we sometimes forget what great tools we have from our Private Mortgage Lenders.

  1. Construction mortgages for the smaller home builder, loans based on each property or blanket several and payout the mortgages as they sell.
  2. Are you a builder already and have standing inventory that you’d like to take some money out of to continue your business. We have a Private lender will look at these with rates as low as 8%.
  3. Are you a Flip Master are you interested in buying, renovating and selling properties. We have a private lender that may be able to help with as little as $10,000 down payment.
  4. We also have a private lender that will assist with a legal suite conversion. Remember that CMHC now allows 100% offset for legal suites opening up a whole new option for buyers to qualify.
  5. Private second mortgages up to 85%, banks can only refinance to 80% and will probably turn it down these days.
  6. Private second mortgages behind your CHIP mortgage depending on a few factors up to 50%.
  7. Farm land the bank and FCC said no we have a lender that will lend on farm land throughout Canada.
  8. Rental purchases with 100% offset on the rents and 75% loan to value
  9. Foreign ownership probably one of the biggest growth markets with our weak dollar. They can be done with 35% down even if the client is not a US citizen, lower than the banks 50%.
  10. Commercial properties that the bank has said no to you will also be considered through our private lenders
  11. Small town BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan loans up to 70% of the property in area’s most won’t go.

Lots of options for private lenders this year and lots of opportunities from BC to Ontario.

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