Articles about Private Mortgage

Private Lender Associations Beginning to Form

Ontario’s private lenders association began to take shape recently and without saying it out loud, it is about time. Private lenders, not to be confused with B lenders, are exactly that, they lend private individuals money. Whether it is in … Read More

What does a Mortgage Broker do?

That’s a good question, I feel that most days my job is extremely multi-faceted, I’m not just helping you get a mortgage. Here’s some of the multiple roles I play. First and foremost as a mortgage broker I work for … Read More

Closing Costs — Are You Prepared for them?

Closing costs are one of the things that most first time buyers are unaware of; they are the costs of purchasing that come from the lawyers and the government when you purchase a home. The government in many but not … Read More

All You Need to Know About Private Mortgages

Most borrowers think of private mortgages as a last-resort option if they can’t secure financing anywhere else. But private mortgages are gaining traction as a financing option due to the new mortgage rules set by the federal government and the … Read More
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